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Welcome to Auto Mart of Henderson!  

We have been  selling quality pre-owned vehicles at the same location for over twenty years! Auto Mart of Henderson has won the award for "Best in Used Cars in Henderson" & "The Best in Vance County" fourteen out of the last fifteen years by the Daily Dispatch News Paper! 

Our inventory changes because we introduce new vehicles daily and we like to keep our motto active:                              

       “We Sell For Less Everyday!”

Auto Mart of Henderson, offers a Free Guardian Limited Warranty on most of our vehicles; Weekly Specials when Bobby goes crazy cutting prices, and a “Price Buster” inventory for those who are looking for a less expensive vehicle that may have higher mileage, but are reliable transportation. We also offer some on site financing! If you think your credit is not so good, we may have a way for you to get that vehicle that you need!

Auto Mart of Henderson has it's own service department and is a licence inspection station!

Bobby House, the owner, joined with Mickey Edwards over 20 years ago to combine their experence that equals nearly 100 years! This gives Auto Mart of Henderson the know how in finding you the right vehicle at the right price! So call 1-800-874-3905 and let us put our experence to work for you!

Bobby House
Owner/President/ Sales Person
Lives to sell cars! Sold His first car when he was 17 and continued for the past 52 years!
“My philosophy is to find the vehicles people need and to offer them at at affordable prices.“
Give Bobby a call 1-800-874-3905

Mickey Edwards: Sales Person
The “Get it done’ guy. 42 years in automobile sales.
“My philosophy is to take care of people. They’ll tell their friends, and that’s the best advertisement you can get.”
Auto Mart of Henderson’s Financing wizard!
Give Mickey a call 1-800-874-3905

Ben Lawrence: Sales Person
Been in sales for the last 15 years, playing Gospel music for 30 years!
“My philosophy is to sell reliable cars and trucks at a fair price to working people, retirees and students.“ “I love being able to do this.”
 Ben has the know how to find you the financing you need. Give Ben a call at 1-800-874-3905

Johuntas Hawkins: Service Manager
Over  32 years in the military! 
“My philosophy is to take care of the vehicles we offer because each one represents a family!“ “ We will follow up with repairs if needed at a lower cost to the customer then other service centers!“

Ralph Vasquez: Internet Manager/ Information Systems/ Title Clerk
If you’re seeing it here It came through Ralph!
“I'm committed to give you the best pictures that are not re-touched and any information you need to make that informed  decision when purchasing one of our vehicles.“
Just let me know!

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